Carbon Offsets X Blockchain

Unlocking Access, Transparency And Reliability Via tokenizing carbon credits


Buying Carbon credits is a great way to help the environment, however trading them is highly inefficient. They need to be made more accessible in order to achieve widespread global success.

The Opportunity

Investors, companies, and individuals are turning to voluntarily offset their carbon emissions, to meet net-zero. Estimates show that demand could make it the fastest growing Asset Class.

The Vision

Use blockchain technology to make carbon credits more tradable via tokenizing offsets on our proprietary minting platform. (DApp) (DeFi)

MintCarbon NFT wallet options

Getting Started

Create or connect your digital wallet to our platform (DApp).
Example: MetaMask Wallet.

Prepare to Mint

Once your wallet is connected you can choose from several different types of Carbon Credits you would like to Mint. Bronze / Silver / Gold Credits. You will have the option to add your name and picture or logo of your company onto the NFT.
You will have the choice of minting an active credit that is then still tradable or minting a retired carbon credit.
MintCarbon NFT wallet options
MintCarbon NFT wallet options

Mint Your Credits

Once you customize and Mint your NFT our platform (DApp) will pull the carbon credit serial number from the public registries such as Verra, Gold Standard, American Carbon Registry, and Climate Action Reserve and input it in the MetaData of your carbon credit NFT that will be on the public ledger.

View List on OpenSea

You will then be able to view your Carbon Credit NFT on all marketplaces and trade them.
Example: OpenSea
MintCarbon NFT wallet options
MintCarbon NFT wallet options

Track Your Assets

Via our platform (DApp) you will then be able to track your Carbon Credit NFT's. How many you have minted and their value.
Investing in Our Planet's Future

Take charge in changing the world and making it a better and cleaner place by reducing your carbon footprint. Joining our platform (DApp) will be helping the carbon markets become more tradable and accessible to the masses.